Welcome to our interviews page! Here we have documented the written transcripts of our interviews, including the series with Durham academics.

Nigel Phillips CBE, Governor of the Falkland Islands

Nigel Phillips CBE, Governor of the Falkland Islands

One of the principal tenets of the United Kingdom’s approach to the Falkland Islands, which as I’ve said has chosen to be a member of the UK Overseas Territory family of nations, is the right of self-determination.’

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Seun Twins, President, Durham Students’ Union

Seun Twins, Durham Students’ Union President

The online world is also a crucible for racism and misogyny and a place where people demand answers about Durham’s culture.’

Pauline Murray, Lead Singer, Penetration

Pauline Murray, Penetration’s Lead Singer

‘There were bands all over the country that started to spring up so then that made the movement much more empowered to the point where record companies couldn’t really ignore it.’

Durham Academics Interview Series

Dr David Craig, Associate Professor of Modern European History

Dr David Craig

‘Over the course of the twentieth century, new methods in social science – inspired in part by positivism – tended to squeeze out historical perspectives.’

Dr Cherry Leonardi, Associate Professor of Modern African History

Dr Cherry Leonardi

‘But different factions and groups will have their own versions of the history of those wars – who were the liberators, who were the oppressors, who were the victims?’

Dr Jacob Wiebel, Assistant Professor of Modern African History

Dr Jacob Wiebel

‘The current conflicts in Ethiopia are rooted in fundamentally different ways of telling, politicising and mobilising narratives of the Ethiopian past’

Professor Andy Wood, Professor of Early Modern Social History

Professor Andy Wood

‘In the sixteenth, seventeenth and early eighteenth century, there’s no such thing as a discipline of history, you don’t have universities teaching history until the late nineteenth century.’

Dr Kelly Johnson, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology

Dr Kelly Johnson

‘There’s been a lot of discussion over the past 50 years around how the law has traditionally been created for and upheld by men, and how we need to bring more of the law into women’s lives.’

Dr Lewis Mates, Associate Professor in Political Theory

Dr Lewis Mates discusses the struggle for control of the Durham Miners’ Association in a talk to History in Politics Society

Dr Neil Visalvinich, Assistant Professor, School of Government and International Affairs

Dr Neil Visalvinich

“The midterm elections have moved America away from the precipice