Issue One: Revolution

Read Issue One, Revolution, below, or download a copy here. Links to individual articles can be found at the bottom of the page.

Behind the Scenes of the Russian Revolution: The Russian Free Press Fund in London at the End of the Nineteenth Century (Lara Green)

To What Extent Do Visual and Literary Sources Present a ‘Sexual Revolution’ for Women in Revolutionary Russia? (Georgia Taylor Stidwell)

Defence of the Seigneurial Social Contract: Who Rebelled in the Jacquerie of 1358, and Why? (Henry Kilding)

‘Is It a Rebellion? – No, Your Majesty, It Is Climate!’ The Climatic Origins of the French Revolution and Its Historical Approach (Noé Bertie Royer)

France and its Culture of Protest – From 1789 to the Macron Era (Cristina Coellen)

Central-Eastern Europe, the EU and Myself (Marie Kepler)

Revolutionary Creators of the Modern World: Sacagawea (Ruby Freeman)

A Revolutionary Figure: Empress Dowager Cixi (Ethan Sanitt)

Thurgood Marshall: the Twentieth Century’s Overlooked Revolutionary (Ellen Fasham)

Frantz Fanon: The Revolutionary Who Wrote a Revolution (Michaela Makusha)

On Monuments and Scientific Revolutions (Joseph D. Martin)