An Introduction From Our Founder

The History in Politics Society aims to open up the conversation on History in Politics. While the relationship between history and politics is one of inevitable interconnectivity, it is also one which remains largely unchallenged. History is not a fixed body of facts, and thus through academic engagement we hope to begin de-familiarising the standard narrative, create interdisciplinary engagement and question the use and relevance of history in politics. With our journal, blog, and 2021 Conference Event we have created a theatre for debate and open conversation. Through this, we aim to problematise the assumed relationship between history and politics and challenge its pertinence in popular lexicon.

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Margaret Thatcher: A Feminism Icon?

Thatcher’s lasting impact on twenty-first century feminism is widely debated. Whilst her actions have inspired future generations of ambitious young women in all professions, Thatcher was undoubtedly not a feminist. In fact, she actively disliked and directly discouraged feminist movements. Thus, Margaret Thatcher works as an apt example that a successful woman does not always … Continue reading Margaret Thatcher: A Feminism Icon?