Our Team


Emily Glynn
Stephenson College Alumni

Emily founded the society back in May 2020 as an exciting yet small-scale project exploring the interconnectivity between history and politics. She graduated Durham in 2021 with a First in History, and started her postgraduate degree in National Security Studies at King’s College London.


Ethan Sanitt
Van Mildert College

Contact: ethan.sanitt@durham.ac.uk

Ethan joined the society exec in February 2022 as Deputy Senior Editor. In June 2022, he was elected as President of the society for the 2022/23 year.

Vice President

Tallulah Di Tomaso
College of St Hild & St Bede

Contact: tallulah.di-tomaso@durham.ac.uk

Tallulah was elected as Vice President for 2022/23 in June. She will be helping to oversee the blog and the upcoming journals, and we are excited to see what Tallulah brings to the role.

Treasurer and Senior Editor

Julius Balchin
Hatfield College

Contact: julius.a.balchin@durham.ac.uk

Having already been a keen contributor on our blog, Julius joined the society in June 2022 as Treasurer and Senior Editor for the upcoming year.

Senior Publicity Officer

Jack Crosswaite
Hatfield College

Contact: jack.crosswaite@durham.ac.uk

Jack joined the society in June 2022 as Senior Publicity Officer. He is responsible for directing the image of the society and designing our excellent graphics.

Senior Creative Journal Director

Emilia Williams
Van Mildert College

Contact: emilia.i.williams@durham.ac.uk

Emilia joined the society in December 2022. She will be in charge of designing the Winter and Summer editions of the society’s journal.

Podcast & Interview Co-ordinator

Ingrid Sykes
St Cuthbert’s Society

Contact: ingrid.sykes@durham.ac.uk

Ingrid joined the society exec in June 2022 as the Podcast & Interview Co-ordinator. She will be directing the next series of Dead Current, and conducting interviews with interesting candidates.

Deputy Senior Editor

Eli Rasmussen
Jon Snow College

Contact: eli.rasmussen@durham.ac.uk

Eli joined the society exec in June 2022 as Deputy Senior Editor, having been a committed member of History in Politics.


Amelia Ing
Josephine Butler College

Contact: amelia.ing@durham.ac.uk

Amelia joined the society in June 2022 as an Editor. We are excited to see what Amelia brings to the role.


Joseph Manley
Josephine Butler College

Contact: joseph.l.manley@durham.ac.uk

Joseph joined the society in June 2022 as an Editor. He will undoubtedly play a significant role in the publication of our two upcoming journals and blog.

Writers and Contributors

Whilst we welcome blog articles from any History in Politics Society member, we also have official positions for those who would like to make a more formalised contribution to our blog. Writers produce three articles of their choosing per term, and contributors produce three per year. For more information on these positions, and if you would like to become a writer/contributor, please get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Sifat Alag | Contributor

Jonas Balkus | Contributor

Lydia Benaicha | Contributor

Cristina Coellen | Contributor

Leo Cullis | Writer

Sam Lake | Writer

May Lam | Contributor

Joe Rossiter | Writer

Aidan Taylor | Contributor